Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School

Today was our first day of second grade for Faith, and the first day of preschool for Rose and Joy. We're using Little Hands to Heaven for preschool, and it uses several Bible story books, introducing the letters of the alphabet through the Bible stories. Today we learned about A-A-Adam. We also listened to a song from The Singing Bible. I encouraged the girls to move around during the music. Rose retreated to the couch to hold her baby (she's tired today due to a nosebleed interrupting her sleep), but Joy and Faith danced and skipped around the livingroom. Joy is 2 1/2 and she kept saying "This is a-fun! This is a-fun!"

We're using A Beka for Faith's second grade. I've tried less traditional programs, but A Beka works best for her. Today we did math, phonics, and writing. Phonics will be every-other-day, alternating with language. Next week we'll add history, spelling, and reading, and the following week we'll start science.

Today we were done with preschool and 2nd grade lessons in an hour and a half.

Faith is sometimes stressed by the thought of trying new activities. This is the year she'll be learning cursive, and I was a little stressed thinking about her being stressed by that. So today I gave her a worksheet to trace. It simply has her name in cursive on one side and the cursive alphabet on the other side, enclosed in a sheet protector for easy tracing (and erasing) with dry erase pens. I told her the alphabet was just for looking at, but she needed to trace her name each day. Amazingly, she did this with no complaints or worries. And after school was done she asked for the "special pens" again so that she could do more tracing. She wanted to work on more cursive letters!

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Sarah said...

Way to go with finding a good way for Faith to learn cursive! I remember (from many years ago), that was a daunting task. Thanks for stopping by to "hear" me reminisce about being homeschooled; Thanks carrying on the tradition!