Monday, June 16, 2008

Ribbon Roads

A song from Keith and Kristyn Getty:

Check out their website. Sign up for their e-newsletters--they send free sheet music occasionally.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

another imix

My back pain is greatly diminished when I do the "Yoga for the Back" routine found in the book
Yoga Rx. This week I'm listening to an blend of prayer songs and Irish songs while I do yoga. I'm trying not to whine, but I do wish I could escape the desert for the cool green hills.

Monday, June 9, 2008

looking back--and counting blessings

A year ago today, my husband and I spent the day exploring Galway, before enjoying an evening of music at O'Connors Pub in Doolin, County Clare, Ireland. It was the middle of a six day visit that we still talk about every day. Ireland felt like home to us and we long to return. This week as we continually say, "A year ago we were....." we miss it more than ever. And the desert seems hotter and browner than ever.

In the midst of my longing and my whining, I read an e-mail from a friend. She and her husband are celebrating their first anniversary in a few days: he's in Iraq, she's in Oregon...and their first child's arrival is expected in August. He'll be home for two weeks in August, then return to Iraq, probably for another year. Their first two anniversaries...spent apart. The first year of their daughter's life...and Daddy isn't home.

I stopped whining.

music for a weak and weary day

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm getting smaller!

I've been losing and gaining the same 5 pounds since last fall, while my tummy seemed to just get bigger all the time. Some days only my yoga pants fit. Something had to be done!

I've been trying to eat the "French Women Don't Get Fat" way, with balanced meals of good food (not meal replacement bars or sugar substitutes -- just real food in sensible portions) but I've have a hard time limiting my starches.

I suddenly realized how limited my summer wardrobe was. I had one pair of shorts that I could barely zip and definitely not wear in public. None of my capri pants were fitting. So...I ordered the liquid slimming supplements from just over a month ago. Not a lot of change the first 2 weeks.

About 2 weeks ago I began really concentrating on my starch portions -- limiting bread and pasta and granola. The scale went up and down a pound or two.

For a week now I've been walking regularly with my pedometer, indoors, looking out the window or watching tv. First one mile, then two, and by yesterday I walked 6 miles! (not all at once, usually about 2 miles at a time in 20-25 minutes)

The scale says I'm only 2 pounds down from two weeks ago. BUT...I'm wearing my shorts! And my capri pants fit too! A week ago I couldn't zip them! Now they are comfortable to wear!Woo hoo! I have a summer wardrobe! And I'm going to keep walking and get that scale to MOVE.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

walking music

Last year I won an Ipod shuffle. It really makes my indoor walks enjoyable!
This week I put together some songs that really make me want to get up and MOVE.
I used this eclectic playlist today and walked 2 miles this morning and 2 this afternoon.

Hard Times, by Tommy Fleming
One Way Ticket, by LeAnn Rhimes
Making Love out of Nothing at All, by Air Supply
Flowers on the Wall, Eric Heatherly
Because of You, Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson
Eleanor Rigby, David Cook
Why Don't Cha, by Eric Heatherly
Love is All Around, by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Ireland's Call, by Celtic Thunder
Theme from "The Avengers", by Laurie Johnson
Flat on the Floor, by Carrie Underwood
Red High Heels, by Kellie Pickler
Love is Like a Butterfly, by Misty Dixon
How Do You Like Me Now, by Toby Keith
Heaven, by Gregorian
Place in this World, by Michael W. Smith

For an extra incentive, I log in here and click on Play the Game for a chance to win a prize each time I exercise.

what's distracting me from blogging?

Writing! I'm working on another Bible study, to facilitate this fall.

Walking! I'm trying to get into my summer clothing. I walked two miles on Sunday, three and a half yesterday, and four today. I have a pedometer which allows me to go for a walk in the bedroom looking out at the mountains. Or in the living room while watching a Britcom on dvd.

A migraine last week was a bit distracting as well.

Aside from Mother's Day, I've been feeling fine emotionally. I read a little bit about grief, and I realized I've been experiencing several of the stages (anger, denial, shock) for almost a year--since my dad's heart surgery. Now I feel relieved. I felt a little guilty about this until a friend at church said "Imagine how relieved your dad is!"