Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year, a Fresh Start

I've been sick a bit this month, and rather stressed about my elderly father's mental health. Between the two issues, I've spent a lot of time in bed. Now the house needs work, my writing project needs attention, but I've got my eating habits back to sensibility, and I'm walking three miles a day with my pedometer, and my back pain is it's time to make a fresh start!

I have prepared for the New Year by purchasing several books:
A Mother's Rule of Life, an inspirational book about scheduling your homemaking and homeschooling around short times of personal prayer,
Real Simple Cleaning, a how-to book about deep-cleaning as well as day to day maintenance,
French Women for All Seasons, a planner by the author of my current diet philosophy,
Word and Worship Pocket Calendar, a daily Bible reading schedule,
and Praying the Names of Jesus, a devotional guide.

Today I'm moving all my devotional and inspirational and Bible study reference books into my bedroom. Now that I have a laptop, I do most of my study and writing in the bedroom, making the dining room bookshelf a bit inconvenient. I'll be moving a bookshelf across the upstairs of our home, but my back has been feeling great so I feel confident about doing this task before my husband gets home. I can't wait to sit in my comfy chair and look at our splendid view outside while I'm writing!