Friday, July 10, 2009

Five on a Friday

First, one of my favorite book bloggers: Caty at Miscellaneous Mumblings gave me an award! Caty's favorite author (Georgette Heyer) is mine also, so I value her reviews. Caty gave me a Bookworm Award. I'm passing it on to Cabinet of Wonders and Deb on the Run.
Second, I'm excited to see a familiar potter at etsy: Klickitat Potters. I visited their shop last summer when we were on vacation in White Salmon, Washington, and I bought one of their pitchers. There's a lovely pair of goblets on etsy, as well as a green mug I'd like to add to my collection.
Third, I finished reading an interesting book this week: Facing East, by Frederica Matthews-Green. The author is married to an Orthodox priest. I know very little about Orthodox Christianity, and this was an informative book with flashes of humor.
Fourth, my husband and I discovered a delightful miniseries on DVD. Mapp & Lucia features Prunella Scales and Geraldine McEwan as two 1930s-era women each wishing to be the most prominent in the society of a small English village. If you like Wodehouse Playhouse, you'll enjoy these quiet comedies as well. There are two seasons. The acting is amusing, a little overdone in the manner of a live theater production.
And fifth, my husband cooked us a lovely morrocan dinner last night using this cookbook: Modern Moroccan. There's an apricot dessert--apricots stuffed with ground almonds and covered with puff pastry--that is fabulous for dessert as well as breakfast.