Tuesday, June 3, 2008

what's distracting me from blogging?

Writing! I'm working on another Bible study, to facilitate this fall.

Walking! I'm trying to get into my summer clothing. I walked two miles on Sunday, three and a half yesterday, and four today. I have a pedometer which allows me to go for a walk in the bedroom looking out at the mountains. Or in the living room while watching a Britcom on dvd.

A migraine last week was a bit distracting as well.

Aside from Mother's Day, I've been feeling fine emotionally. I read a little bit about grief, and I realized I've been experiencing several of the stages (anger, denial, shock) for almost a year--since my dad's heart surgery. Now I feel relieved. I felt a little guilty about this until a friend at church said "Imagine how relieved your dad is!"

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