Thursday, March 6, 2008

waiting to board the plane

I'm at the Portland Airport, waiting to board my plane back to the desert in just a few moments. It's been almost a week since I saw my husband and my kids. I miss them -- and I miss my husband's cooking!

It's been emotionally exhausting and I am so happy to be on this final leg of the journey.

The Lord has continuously reminded me that my identity as His child and His beloved has not changed -- even as my role with my father changes, and as I have been missing my beloved husband so very much!

I want to give a big compliment to Enterprise Rent a Car. The friendliness of their staff is admirable. And when I pulled up to their return center today, a staff member opened my car door, called me by name, and handed me a receipt. Nothing to sign, no fumbling for my own papers about the rental, just thanks for my business, and simple directions to the terminal.

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