Wednesday, March 5, 2008

one more day...

Tomorrow I get to go home!!!!! I am more than ready. I miss my husband so very much...and of course my kids too.

Today I had financial errands to run, and I took my dad to lunch. After looking for a restaurant he recommended...which he told me was in a different town than its actual location...we finally found it. We walked through the doors and I suddenly realized I'd been there before. When I was pregnant with Faith, my husband and I had met some of his coworkers there. It is a smoky place filled with the odors of years of fried food. I would advise pregnant women to stay far far away from this restaurant!

My dad and I both ordered salads...which took half an hour to arrive...and mine was a really crummy salad!

I met my aunt for a snack a little later and I had a better salad with her.

I did not sleep well last night. The stress of taking over my dad's financial affairs, interacting with this man who no longer seems very much like my dad, being away from my husband, and driving for eight hours yesterday has left me weak and mush-brained.

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