Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Funny

A story from the airplane trip yesterday:

As we flew over BigDesertCity, a couple behind me were obviously visiting for the first time. The man seemed to have done a bit of research and was pointing out the sights to the wife. They were amazed at "all those houses in straight rows." They observed the many swimming pools and gasped at the lack of trees. And then the man stated very seriously, "Water is very precious to these people."

As one of "these people" I suddenly felt like a member of an obscure desert tribe being documented by National Geographic. Especially when he followed this with another serious statement in a thoughtful amazed voice: "Imagine...imagine...people actually want to live here."

Thankfully my seatbelt kept me from rolling in the aisle with laughter.

I have updated my blog now, and the posts about my trip begin with last Friday, February 29.

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