Wednesday, February 27, 2008

exhausting shopping trip.

I've been putting off the Big Shopping Trip to Super Walmart, but today I could postpone it no longer. These trips always exhaust me, especially when I take the three princesses with me!

Today I wore my pedometer. I reset it when I left the van, and by the time we left Walmart, I'd walked 2.07 miles! No wonder I feel tired! After bringing in all the groceries, walking back and forth from the kitchen to the driveway, I reached 2.45 miles. I also have a sore back and a broken fingernail (not to mention the depleted bank account).

Time for a coffee break.

Then I have to rearrange the pantry so that all those groceries will fit in there. I bought far more processed/prepared items than usual, to make things easy for my children's caregivers when I'm gone next week.


Emily said...

I despise grocery shopping, and I'm very glad dh does it. I am easily overwhelmed by all the choices, and I always end up buying things I really don't need. Dh is much better at sticking to the list.

Georgetta said...

Oh, my husband is a better shopper too! If he worked fewer hours, I would delegate all the shopping to him! He is sooooo good about sticking to the list, and buying bargains too.

Hidden Jewel said...

I really dislike shopping in general. Fortunately, dh has been a peach and has made it a family affair. I don't mind grocery shopping as much except it is extremely stressful when the $$ don't meet the need.

Anonymous said...

I also hate the whole grocercy shopping process. The planning, the coupon sorting, the lists. That's all before actually hitting the stores and waiting in line. Then putting it in the car, bringing home and putting it away only to take it out in a few hours and cook it. Give me mopping and dusting anyday!

Adriana (HP)