Wednesday, February 27, 2008

more dad stress

Today I had the "you need to stay in your assisted living apartment" conversation with my dad. I thought he had already decided to stay fact he told me he had a couple weeks ago...but now he doesn't remember that, and he is not happy.

Thankfully, he did not get angry with me, he was calm, but so depressed by the idea.

I do not handle these serious conversations well, but I knew I had to get it said over the phone before I was actually there. I am still shaking. It's hard to use the mouse when you're shaking. I used to be able to diffuse angry customers when I was a working woman, but I have become a wimp.

I was smart today though...I made the call from the bathtub. Really helped me stay calm. Although the shaking could have caused the demise of my phone, thankfully I did not drop it.

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Laura Kneeland said...

I went through this last year with my Mom. It is not easy, and you should expect to have the same conversation again...and again. He is blessed to have you to know what he needs! I will pray for you and your Dad.

Laura (from the Library)