Saturday, January 19, 2008

Completely Overwhelmed

As I was making coffee this morning, my husband went online and reserved a UHaul to pick up the chilren's beds. So much for the long bath and prayer session.

I was not at all prepared to have anyone enter our home, but the generous friends who gave us the beds helped to carry them in. And they brought their vacuum cleaner. And they vacuumed our kids rooms and saw the cheerios in their closets. And they walked through our living room (Christmas tree still up) and didn't mention the general feeling of a disaster area.

I was so extremely embarrassed, but more than that I was completely overwhelmed by how much there was to be embarrassed by. I have never been SuperHousewife who dusts every two days and vacuums every morning, and to be sick and or stressed for much of the last month and a half has really left my home in shambles.

When the friends left and my husband took our oldest to church this evening, I finally got that long bath and prayer. I gave all my burdens to the Lord, but I keep picking them up and worrying about them. Thankfully this is Britcom night on PBS, so I can escape across the Atlantic for awhile.

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