Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Have a Plan Now

I made a long list of my burdens and gave them to the Lord (again) this morning. While I was praying, a plan came to mind: we will take a week off school and just clean house, one room at a time this week. I have a long history of planning big cleaning projects one day and waking up sick the next day, so I e-mailed several friends and asked them to pray. I only e-mailed a few friends who are far away and a few nearby friends who are too busy to respond as if this is a plea for help --- it isn't. It's just a plea for prayer.

Here is one paragraph from the e-mail:

I need your prayers. Housekeeping fills me with guilt for my failure,
sending me into discouragement that sends me to an extra nap which keeps me from
housekeeping. It's a vicious cycle. Pray that I am sensible, not doing more in a
day than is physically sensible for me and my weak back. Pray that I will be
gentle with The Princess Who Doesn't Want to Do Anything and The
Princess In a Daydream Who Doesn't Hear Mama, and The LittlestPrincess Who Says "I Help" but isn't Tall Enough to Do Much.

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