Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday, March 23 Prayer Collage

Teach me to talk with You intimately.
--Prayer Journey with the Apostle Paul, by Michael Green p. 16

Help us...today, to give our dreams and hopes and hurts to You.
Restore in us a clean heart, we beseech You, oh Lord.
--Challenges of the Narrow Way, by Bridget Plass, p. 117

Vision-giving God, You who are all-glorious,
thank You that You choose to visit us in our ordinary lives,
sometimes granting us glimpses of heaven.
Help me to be more and more open to Your visits by day or by night,
and when I see, help me, like Ezekiel,
to respond with love and obedience.
--Rainbow of Renewal, by Michael Mitton, p. 139

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