Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patrick's Breastplate--a modern version

From an album by Stefan Van Voorst, available at cdbaby or itunes.com. The words are modernised without losing the beauty of the prayer. The tune is catchy and upbeat but still prayerful.

Christ with me
Before me
Behind me
Within me
Above me
Beneath me
Around me
Throughout me
On my right and left
In length, and height, and breadth
With You I will not fear
Whether far or whether near

I arise today
Through a mighty strength
Following the One who showed the way
I’m alive today
Through Christ my strength
I’m following the One who showed the way
Uphold me and guide me
Look before me
Speak for me
Protect me and guard me
Watch o’er me
Come save me

In the heart of the ones who think of me
In the mouth of the ones who speak of me
Every eye that sees
Every ear that hears
Christ be...

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