Monday, March 9, 2009

Red Envelopes & Tea Bags

Last week I received an e-mail urging me to send an empty red envelope to the White House on a specified date as an anti-abortion message to the President. Today another e-mail recommended that we all mail tea-bags to Obama. I am wondering if I can save postage and put the teabag in the red envelope.

Seriously, though, what do the people behind these e-mails think they will accomplish with these wordless messages? It's certainly an easy way to feel that one has accomplished something, but it requires so little effort, and sends a rather uncertain message.

To be honest, I haven't sent any messages to Washington lately. But I am unconvinced that these teabags and envelopes will accomplish anything or even articulate their sender's desires for our country.

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Anonymous said...

I just received an email as well, urging me to use this method as a protest. We'll see how this all goes. Haven't decided if I will participate, however, I sure am disgusted with all the bailouts to non-deserving individuals at responsible taxpayers expense!!