Monday, October 20, 2008

Housecleaning Help

Housecleaning does not come naturally to me. Other women seem to have a little inner voice that reminds them to do laundry or do the dishes after dinner. I don't have that voice. In times of stress or discouragement all thoughts of housekeeping fly away.

My skills have improved over the last few years...I'm caught up on laundry every week or two, and the dishes do get done every day, but not always put away.

When we left on our five-week vacation this summer, we left the house in pretty good condition...laundry caught up, counters cleared off, clutter under control. However, to reach that goal, we had tossed a lot of "stuff to sort out later" into boxes, placing them in the school room and the garage.

We came back home in August and I was determined to jump in, sort out the "later" boxes, and keep the house in a "drop in any time" state. I woke up the first morning at home with a terrible neckache. When I recovered, I'd lost a week, and I got the news that a good friend back in Oregon had passed away. Various physical and emotional stresses followed over the next two months.

Now I'm beginning to feel that I've climbed out of the tunnel, but just trying to keep up with the routine chores and my napping needs has kept me from taking care of the "later" boxes or much of anything else.

So....on Wednesday I have help. Three ladies will come for an hour and a half to scrub and dust and mop and vacuum. Yes, I am paying them. I've been de-cluttering in preparation for this and I am excited!


~Tami said...

I can relate to your post big time!

Migsy said...

So nice to hear your comment about not having that inner voice. I don't have one either. Enjoy that help!