Sunday, October 5, 2008

about Fireproof

I wanted to say something about Fireproof, but this guy has already expressed my thoughts.

It's great that someone is making Christian movies. It's great that there's an audience for them. I'm just tired of the "you must see this"attitude from other Christians, and the idea that a few action scenes will allow you to trick your husband into attending a venue that will include two hours of preaching. My friend tried this. Her husband was very angry with her.

I also found this review, which states:

Fireproof isn’t merely preaching to the already converted; it’s helping to
further alienate the unconverted and the skeptical. I doubt that was the
intention, but it pretty much is the result with films such as these. The
simplistic and often self-righteous tone is off-putting.

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Gioietta said...

I've been wondering about this movie. I hear a lot about it too so I looked it up (and admit that b/c of the main actor I was a little unsure about it all). I think that the movies for Christians can be good thing, but not great or the best thing for us. Afterall, i don't think that is the answer God is seeking to be 'a light' in a dark world. First of all I know that it speaks to those who already agree with the message, but it is not a 'outreach' tool necessarily. I guess I should watch it first. But I've seen some Christian movies and yes, usuaslly the acting/screenplay is a not that great. For me books are much better anyways!