Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Remembering Robin

Our oldest child is an 8 year old named Robin. Robin was due September 9, 2000, but the Lord took Robin to heaven sometime before February 4, 2000. I remember the joy and excitement of that first pregnancy--dancing around the kitchen with my husband when I told him we were pregnant (with LeeAnn Rimes in the cd player, singing "You Light Up My Life"). I remember the naive confidence that because I saw two lines on a pregnancy test, I would soon hold a baby in my arms. I always pictured this baby as a girl. I still do... I always imagine Robin dressed in a red dress, skipping through red and yellow tulips in heaven.

Losing Robin--and another baby, Hope, a few months later--sent me into a dark tunnel that Faith's birth brought me out of in late 2001. Life has gone on to a new chapter, and my grief for Robin and Hope is no longer a huge wound to be bandaged daily...but I will always have a scar.

Today I was thinking about Robin as I drove the kids home from church, and listening to a CD I hadn't heard for awhile. "Come Unto Me" began to play, and I remembered listening to that song and being comforted by it eight years ago...and then I heard Faith singing along. "I love this song, Mama," she said. And I was comforted.


Anonymous said...

praying for you, tonight.

~Tami said...

I can't even imagine the pain that you went through!