Friday, August 15, 2008

a Mom-shaped gap

I was looking around the Comfort Queen website and I found a Coaching service for $600 a month. I read what a Coach does and I began to think that I needed one, although I certainly can't afford it, but then I realized that I actually need a Mom.

I never had a really cozy relationship with my mom, but when she died I did feel that there was a gap in my life. Cathy (see Tuesday's post) and several other ladies at church abundantly filled in that gap with support and advice and friendship.

But since we've lived in the desert (6 years now) I haven't found a Mom. I know lots of ladies who belong to my parents' generation, but I don't have a Mom-type person to have over for coffee or to call when I'm overwhelmed.

Our church has a mentoring program for women but it focuses on the spiritual side of things. I tried it for a year and a half, with two different mentors, and they both studied the Bible with me, but neither offered practical advice. I need the How-to-Arrange-Your-Kitchen-Cupboards advice and the Teaching-Your-Children-to-Share advice. My best friend's mom even watches her kids so she can spend weekends away with her husband occasionally.

Jesus my Savior,
You promised that
You would not leave us orphans.
I know You will provide
everything I need
to be a good mom
and housewife.
Lead me to helpful resources
and give me the energy
to be what my family
needs me to be.

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