Saturday, April 5, 2008

a hiccup in my dad's move

My Dad was supposed to move from one assisted living center to another this weekend. Ten days ago, the administrator of the new place said the room would be ready today and he could move in.

Friends packed his stuff in a uhaul and drove the four hours to the new place...only to be told that the administrator isn't there today, the room isn't clean, and they won't admit him without an assessment.

Meanwhile he's all checked out of the previous place and was halfway between the two when we heard the news! Thankfully, there are friends in the new area that my dad can stay with for a couple days.

I was sick with stress when I first heard about this hiccup, but I realized the stress wasn't my burden to carry. I remembered a line from Amy Carmichael's writings: "If precious to you, how much more precious to Him?"

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