Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Praying with Psalm 19-21

The heavens declare the glory of God
and the sky proclaims the work of His hands.

O Creator God,
open my eyes to appreciate Your masterpieces!
Show me Yourself, at work and involved in Your creation.

The instruction of the Lord is perfect,
reviving the soul;
the testimony of the Lord is trustworthy,
making the inexperienced wise.

Oh Lord, this new burden You have given me
is so heavy
I ask for wisdom
and a revival in my soul.

...Cleanse me from my hidden faults.

May the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart
be acceptable to You,
Lord my rock and my Redeemer.

my faults are far from hidden.
My impatience,
my lack of self-control,
my lack of faith in Your ability to empower me.
Forgive me...
strengthen me...
change me.

May He give you what your heart desires
and fulfill your whole purpose.

I have a friend in mind --
You know her name --
You know what she desires--
and I trust that You will
either bless her with fulfillment
or hold her close
while You lead her on a different path.

Be exalted, Lord,
in Your strength;
we will sing and praise Your might.

You are strong.
You are mighty.
I need You...
I trust You.

(Psa. 19:1, 7, 12, 14, 20:4, 21:13)

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