Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Question for Sunday

Dawn the famous blogging mom answers questions from her readers on Sundays ( I think her example is worth following.

Q. How do you keep your sanity as a stay at home mom (and a homeschool mom) with three kids 6 and under?
A. Well, a better question might be whether I have indeed kept my sanity, but if I have it is due to my great passions:
1. good food (my husband cooks the majority of our dinners)
2. good books
3. strictly enforced afternoon quiet time
4. online shopping
5. watching British television (often on DVD from the library) in the evenings with my husband
6. (last but definitely not least) getting up earlier than my household to pray and read the Bible.

And I confess, the question did not come from my vast audience, but I have been asked this question several times.

And some unanswerable questions:
Why were there cheerios in my daughter's closet?
Why did my eyebrow comb (which has been missing for 2 weeks) suddenly show up in exactly the part of my makeup drawer it's supposed to live in?
Why is 99.9999% of children's music headache-inducing to adults? (The group Go Fish is a notable exception.)
Why do so many Americans watch reality television? Don't they have enough reality in their daily lives?

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