Sunday, February 3, 2008


The helpful cashiers at the health food store are always stuffing helpful brochures in the bag with my purchases. Last time it was a brochure about losing weight; I grumbled a bit about what they might be hinting at. But several times they've given me brochures about the herb oregano, once even offering the information that it is helpful in getting rid of sinus infections.

I've been sniffly for several weeks now, and my usual treatments (grapefruit seed extract, oregon grape root, esberitox) weren't working as well as I expected. Probably because as soon as I start improving, I forget to take them. I decided I either had a sinus infection or was very close to one, so I thought I'd give oregano a try. Wow! On Friday I was seeking a kleenex every ten minutes, on Saturday the sniffles disappeared after the first five minutes I was awake.

I should mention though, that if one happens to burp five minutes after swallowing an oregano capsule, the sensation is a bit weird.

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