Friday, February 22, 2008

Oreck air filter

We ordered an air filter from Oreck. With all the construction happening near us, we thought it would help with allergy issues, but we mainly wanted the free vacuum cleaner they promised in the commercial. We've had the filter for almost a month now -- and the children and I have been sniffly the entire time. The filter makes loud snapping noises and blue sparks every time I open the front door; the children are quite frightened by this.

The commercials for these air filters make it sound as if the free vacuum arrives with the filter, but actually the filter comes first. Almost a month later, I'm still waiting for the voucher to arrive -- then I have to put a sticker on it, and return it, and then they send the vacuum.

I've given up. My husband bought a Bissell (see this post) and I'm going to return the Oreck air filter.

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