Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Book Addicts Anonymous

Hello, my name is Georgetta and I am a bookaholic.

I love to buy books. I love to order books at Amazon,,, abebooks, etc. I tried to stop buying books for one of my husband's pay periods and I was not successful. I am praying about giving up book buying for Lent; this would be rather drastic for me (I would keep my wishlist on paperbackswap though), but it would be helpful to our budget.

So, in preparation for this, I ordered a book about Lent (Small Surrenders). I didn't want to spent $3 on shipping at, so I ordered from Amazon...of course buying 2 books instead of one so that I could get the free shipping at the $25 purchase. So, I spent an extra $8 to save $3.

Does anyone else want to join Book Addicts Anonymous? (Isn't BAA a great acronym?)

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