Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Three on Tuesday

Rhiannon at Starry Blue Sky posts "Five on Friday". I missed it last week, so here are "Three on Tuesday."

I bought some classy earrings from Jewelwing Creations at Etsy.com. This seller has lovely necklaces and bracelets too.

I discovered a new book blog that looks rather promising: Cabinet of Wonders.

I'm in the middle of an interesting book, The Open Door, by Frederica Matthewes-Green. It's a fascinating glimpse of Orthodox faith and an introduction to icons, with inspirational thoughts on various seasonal Orthodox feasts.


DebD said...

Hey! I was just going to PM you and mention that you were reading two of my favorite authors (Mathewes-Green and Nouwen). I hope you enjoy The Open Door as much as we did...and I have not read that Nouwen book, so I hope you'll do a review soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello to you ! With being a little "Trip lagged" I'm only just catching up with things. Thanks so much for joining in ! I LOVE your selections. The book blog looks quite amazing - the post there today also has some very intriguing book "installations". And very interesting choice of book - I'll be adding that to my list. I've travelled a lot in Romania, taking tourists to visit the amazing painted Orthodox monasteries - so I think the book will give an interesting insight.
Best wishes to you,


PS - Thanks for the treasury feature too. They are great fun to compile aren't they ? :)

JewelwingCreations said...

Thanks you for featuring me in your blog! I love your blog name - I can so relate. I was just telling my dinner guest on Sunday that I feel part of my calling is to help people feel comfortable being real. My house isn't perfect, my kids aren't perfect, but we can still enjoy each others' company. So thanks for keeping it real!