Friday, March 27, 2009

Finer Things Friday: My Style Notebook

I've subscribed to InStyle magazine for years because I have a great fear of turning into the stereotypical unstylish homeschool mom. I know there are some stylin' homeschool ladies out there, but the denim jumper and the sandals with socks are burned into my memory as the uniform of the homeschool moms I used to know. I am determined not to lose touch with the fashion world.
Usually my InStyle magazines are stacked under my bed until I notice that there are ten or twelve of them, and I throw away all but the last two. This week, however, I noticed something else under my bed: my Style notebook. Several years ago when I was hoping to lose the baby weight quickly, I cut out all my favorite stylish pictures and put them in a notebook. I didn't lose weight quickly, but I did have a clearly planned wardrobe that year.
Yesterday I browsed the last three months of InStyle, the Penney's catalog, and the Coldwater Creek catalog (CWC, incidently, seemed to be aimed at grandmothers this month. Nothing for my Style book there.) I cut out pictures and glued them on green paper, and hole punched it for my notebook. I ended up with about nine pages of my favorite fashions--not the Oscar gowns, not the little black dresses, but clothes I would actually wear if I found them at affordable prices. i sorted them into church & dinner out clothes, everyday clothes, and makeup ideas.

This really makes me want to stick with my exercise routine (see Fat Burnin' Friday post) so that I can do a little shopping!
After months of blogging sporadically, I discovered and joined two memes today! I see more blogging in my future....

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Amy said...

My style consists of yoga pants and sweatshirts... I need a notebook like yours! Great idea and thanks for linking up. ;-)

Sarah said...

Oh that is a really cool idea! What great motivation!

foxxy said...

Dieting is hard so hooray if this encourages you to keep going. Good for you!

JanMary said...

Love your idea of a style notebook.

A great motivation to keep exercising.

JessieLeigh said...

What a fun idea! I'm 6 months pregnant right now, so I'm just trying to put together cute maternity ensembles. ;) But I think this is a fabulous motivator and sounds like a lot of fun!