Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Book Reviews

Take This Bread, by Sara Miles. Not for the ultra-conservative, this book is written in a style similar to Ann Lamott's. It's a thought-provoking biography of a left-wing lesbian's conversion to Christianity. I told my husband that this lady got saved and immediately wanted to do what Jesus did, while some of us are just sitting around talking about what Paul said.

Things Seen and Unseen, by Nora Gallagher. I found this glimpse of a year in an Episcopal church interesting.

Please Pass the Guilt, by Rex Stout. Intriguing and enjoyable---I expect nothing else from Nero Wolfe.

The Young Mrs. Savage, by D. E. Stevenson. A widow takes a seaside vacation with her four children in post-war Scotland. These books always leave me craving scones and hearty breakfasts.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, by Winnifred Watson. This is another book I can't recommend to my conservative friends, but I found it rather funny. A very proper middle-aged spinster in the twenties finds a new life as a social secretary to an actress.

Blind Spots in the Bible, by Adrian Plass. As always, Adrian Plass is encouraging, comforting, humorous, and thought-provoking.

Frederica, by Georgette Heyer. My favorite escape reading. Headache? Read Heyer. Stressed? Read Heyer. Grieving? Read Heyer. Overwhelmed? Read Heyer. I think I read every Heyer I own in 2008, some of them twice.

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