Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday funny

A few days ago I asked my daughters to return a pile of blankets to the basket where they belonged. The next day I reminded them to do this. Instead, they added more blankets to the pile they were building. By the third day, after more reminders, the pile of blankets was confiscated by my husband. (I usually require prompt obedience from the children, but the pile of blankets was in a location I don't view in my normal routine, and other than the reminders I gave them, I kept forgetting about it.)

My oldest daughter Faith is almost in second grade, and her spelling is still predominately phonetic. I am happy that she is sounding things out rather than memorizing the way a word looks, but she does need to practice some spelling words.

Faith became quite concerned that her favorite blanket would end up in a garage sale, and after the blankets disappeared, she brought us a note: "Please don't put my blankit in the grog sale."

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