Friday, April 11, 2008

kids and stuff

Two days ago Joy dumped salt all over the table and one of the dining chairs.
The same day, Rose poured raw sugar all over her plate.
Yesterday, Rose took my lipstick out of my purse and removed the lipstick from the tube, squished it into a little ball, and hid it under the couch.
Today Joy found a spray bottle, and all my tax paperwork narrowly escaped a bath.
Soon after that, she found Faith's lotion and annointed a doll and a plastic truck.
And Faith was walking around with a blue marker upstairs but I confiscated it before any artwork happened on the walls.

And Faith made me laugh by hiding under Joy's crib and saying "You're the government. We're hiding from you."

I also heard her telling Rose, "No, you can't have that. You're whining. Whining will get you nothing." Well said.

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Emily said...

I am cracking up over the "You are the government and we are hiding from you" comment.