Sunday, March 16, 2008

semantic feature analysis graphic organizer

I couldn't wait 'til Friday to share this funny with you. One of the homeschool moms at posted something hilarious today, and she gave me permission to post it here:

I am taking some free online courses so that I can change my teaching certification from inactive to active (may be teaching summer school). OH MY WORD. These courses seem to be designed for someone who has the IQ of a turnip, but by someone who wants to use a lot of fancy words as he/she educates the turnip. Today, I learned all about semantic feature analysis graphic organizers. Do you know what semantic feature analysis organizers are? They are charts. And, as I was told about 3,241 times during the audio-visual lesson, semantic feature analysis graphic organizers can help students to learn and retain information. Imagine that!!!!! Charts can help students to learn and remember!!! AND....GET THIS..... YOU CAN PUT SEMANTIC FEATURE ANALYSIS GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS ON PAPER OR A WHITE BOARD OR AN OVERHEAD PROJECTOR OR...well you get the idea.In the audio-visual portion of the lesson, words come up on the screen, but there is also a voice-over who reads the words. You can't click onto the next screen until the voice is finished reading the present screen. I can read the screen with its totally obvious information in about 3 milliseconds, but must wait for the minute or so as the reader slowly and deliberately reads the information to me. Today, I read a book as I worked my way through the lesson. ARGHH!!!I keep telling myself that it's free and it will get my certification active again so that I can teach in a public school if need be. Okay....frustration over. You may go back to your lives and ignore the woman with the frothing mouth and glassy eyes cowering in the corner with her semantic feature analysis graphic organizer.

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