Friday, March 28, 2008

preserving chocolate truffles

Do you know that homemade Christmas truffles are still yummy in March?

They need to be preserved carefully -- I recommend putting them in a ziploc in your mixing bowl and putting a small cookbook, an almost empty bag of flour, and a bag of apples on top of them. Change the bag of apples for a bag of bananas when the apples are gone, then a bag of grapes when the bananas are get the idea.

On St Patrick's Day when you use your mixer to make Irish Brown Bread, you will be pleasantly surprised to find chocolate truffles under your cookbook. You might think about throwing them away when you find them, but do hold on to them for a Friday morning when you almost forget to eat breakfast.

Serve with tea.

1 comment:

lewintx said...

nothing like uncovering a stash of chocolate you didn't realize you had. sounds like a fine breakfast to me.