Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Devotional Books for Lent

Small Surrenders, by Emilie Griffin
Seeking His Mind, by M. Basil Pennington

I added these books to my devotional routine during Lent. This was the first year I had celebrated Lent in any way (I also gave up buying books). Both books gave me an introduction to the idea of Lent, and I found them interesting. Both books are written from a Catholic perspective, which is something different from the rest of my home library. Neither of these books will be a yearly tradition for me, but they were helpful for my first Lent season.

Small Surrenders quoted more literature than scripture; I enjoyed the quotations but I expected more scripture given the subject matter. Seeking His Mind discussed the life of Jesus. I think someone with a more Catholic background than mine would have enjoyed these books more than I did, but again, they were both useful introductory books.

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