Friday, February 1, 2008


I went to the chiropractor today. I've been there three times this week, which meant arranging for childcare and all that sort of thing. My Monday treatment made me quite miserable but by today I'm finally back to a pre-Monday level of pain. The chiropractor mentioned that I should take it easy this weekend -- not lifting, not bending over, not even unloading the dishwasher. Ha! I have a 2 year old who still sleeps in a crib. Someone has to lift her in and out after naptimes, and I don't think my 6 year old or my 3 year old can assist. And my husband is busy all day Saturday and half of Sunday. So....taking it easy is going to be a little difficult. And I don't want to lose my place in my housekeeping routine! At least I can take a long nap on Sunday while my husband watches the Superbowl. (No, I am not remotely interested in the Superbowl except for the yummy snacks my husband sometimes makes on Superbowl day.)

At lunchtime today I got a call from a dentist two states away. My father went to the dentist and couldn't fill out the forms, and couldn't interact logically with the person who was trying to help him with the forms. This incident with the forms is disturbing -- he's a retired accountant! Filling out forms is his specialty! Is this a drug interaction, or is this dementia? How am I going to convince him that he needs to make a change in his living situation? He's been annoyed by any advice I've given lately. How does one go about making one's parent's decisions for him? Do I need to fly home? That would mean more childcare to arrange, which is difficult as one of my friends is quite pregnant, one is taking chemo for breast cancer, one just got a job, and one just moved away.

All these thoughts are quite wearisome. Thank God, a new book arrived today. (And I do not say that flippantly, I say it as a prayer of gratitude.) Yet another Adrian Plass -- this one's called The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass On Tour (don't buy it at Amazon, do a search for the isbn at to find a cheaper price). This is the third in the Diary series. These are fictionalized accounts of Adrian Plass's life, and they are roll-on-the-floor hilarious as well as thought-provoking and serious. Woven into the fictional Adrian's thoughts and experiences are spiritual insights that I mull over long after reading the book. Reading Adrian Plass at naptime or bedtime makes the bed jiggle with my laughter, but I drift off to sleep in peaceful contemplation or a prayer of renewed commitment.

Oh dear, I was only going to review books on Mondays....

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