Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Soft Scrub: REALLY my product of the week

When Cathy brought her housekeeper to help me, she used Soft Scrub with Bleach to clean the kitchen counters and the sink. I was impressed with this product and I bought some Soft Scrub without Bleach (because bleach scares me: fumes! spots on clothing!).

I used it in the kitchen, and it works fine without the bleach. Today I tried it on the dining room table. I often forget to wipe the table after dinner, and by morning there is FOOD stuck all around the edges. I've scrubbed and scrubbed (not as frequently as I should) and I have not been successful in removing the gumminess left by small fingers and frequent spills. But today I finally accomplished it, with the help of Soft Scrub. I don't know that it's safe for fine furniture, but it works on our old table!

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