Monday, February 4, 2008

Book Review: Flirting with Monasticism

As a stay at home mom who really does stay at home most days, I do try to broaden my horizons through reading. This book definitely did that for me!

Flirting with Monasticism, by Karen E. Sloan, is the story of a young woman (a presbyterian minister) who is attracted to a man who is in the process of becoming a Dominican friar.

I found the author's way of telling events in not-completely-chronological order to be a little distracting, but the book was a simple overview of the monastic life. It was very interesting to see that although the woman's attraction to the man did not lead to a romantic relationship, it did lead her to new spiritual habits that enriched her life.

This book made me wish I could visit a church where Dominican friars chant the office. It made me seek out other books on the same topic (Next on my list: The Cloister Walk, Monk Habits for Everyday People). It made me long to schedule regular routines of worship and service in my daily life (or perhaps to become more aware of these routines already in my life).

In summary, it is a good introductory book for Protestants who want to learn about the monastic life.

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