Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Learning about Laundry

Cathy came back today. We tackled the upstairs. Lots of loads of laundry. And lots of decluttering in the bedroom (why do I neglect that room?).

I learned some things about drying clothes. When Cathy puts things in the dryer, she shakes them out so that sleeves dry throroughly and socks don't hide inside them. She said it helps them dry more quickly than throwing them all in together in one big heap. She also cleans the lint screen after every single load.

And then.....when the clothes are dry, she folds them as she puts them in the laundry basket! I can see that this works better than my method. I toss everything in the basket and dump it on the bed. Of course I get interrupted and then when I'm ready for bed I remember the laundry and transfer it back to the basket....where I may remember it's clean or I may not.

I am absolutely exhausted. Because Cathy has been here, I've missed my afternoon nap two days in a row.

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