Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Funny

Today my husband and I went out for brunch. It was a multi-purpose date, with a car repair and a chiropractor visit thrown in. We had good food but I was alternately distracted and amused by a Woman in Yellow at the next table. I would have thought a yellow baseball cap would be enough sunnyness in one's attire, but she was also wearing a yellow hoodie and a yellow shirt. Not soft pastel yellow, but the extreme color one associates with a large feathered friend on children's televsion. I kept expecting Ernie to pop in to invite her to play Hide 'n Seek with him. On a chair near her was a yellow purse that at first seemed fun and funky, covered with silver studs....until the light shifted a little and I saw that the silver studs were actually rhinestones. This whimsical ensemble was completed by bright pink lipstick.

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